The earth doesn’t belong to men, but rather men belong to the earth. Men have not woven the web of life, they are only a thread of it. Whatever they do to the web, they will do to themselves. What happens on earth will happen to the sons of the earth.

Peruvian indigenous proverb

The best way to understand environmental issues and raise awareness is through divulgation and education. Create spaces such as workshops, talks, discussion table, activities in schools, preparation of Environmental Awareness Programs (within a multidisciplinary team), etc. to bring people closer to the role of nature in our lives. Not only as a producer of all the natural resources necessary to live, but also, as a meaningful reality in our quality of life and well-being (physical, mental, spiritual and social).

It’s important to have a true sensitivity to the nature that surrounds us and recover the relationship we had with it, in order to move towards Sustainability.

I search, investigate, study and design the clearest and easiest way to:

Explain the importance of the function of the climate, soil, water, biodiversity and its ecosystems; the value of the territory and its proper use, waste management, recovering and preserving our traditional cultural references, etc.

Inform not only about environmental issues, but also about the solutions that we can take, on a small scale, in our daily lives. Recognize the habits, attitudes, policies and economic interests that lead to the environmental-social-cultural and health nowadays problems.

An awareness of the current environmental situation must question our habits and seek a philosophy of harmonious life and respect for nature and ourselves.