“Draw as children do, freely, playing, without judging… because the drawing with its curve, its line, its gesture, is an excuse to find oneself.”

Mariano Navares, sculptor

Following the philosophy and objectives of living pedagogy, I develop activities and workshops setting guidelines to follow, so that the child can improve their skills of creativity, communication and ease with the environment.

For doing this, with affection and communication, I make use of free games, manual arts or crafts, choreographic songs and stories. The aim is to give tools with which, in the future, children can be more flexible mentally to face the uncertainty and problems of everyday life.


The purpose of these workshops and activities is to create a space that encourages children to feel good: relaxed, integrated, participatory and happy. Where they can experience how to manage emotions, to be sensible, to feel the body, to focus attention, to communicate and relate to others and their environment.

Children, especially between 4- 8 years old, need to explore their world to get to know it. They need to touch, perceive the different textures, to move, to see, to smell… to connect with nature.

“Only if children can live today fully as such, tomorrow they will be adults in the fullness of their potential”

José Ortega y Gasset